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Our Summer Program is open for registering!

Immerse yourself in the world of ballet this summer while continuing to enhance your dance skills throughout the year with our exclusive programs!


Our lineup includes enchanting fairy tale ballet camps tailored for dancers between the ages of 3 and 6, intensive 3-week courses and convenient drop-in sessions that focus on refining ballet technique and enhancing your overall dance proficiency, elite master classes, and a prestigious Dancer Intensive scheduled for August that will thoroughly prepare you for your next season of dance.


This is your time to elevate your love for ballet and advance your dance capabilities – seize the opportunity this summer!


Founded in 2016, Ballet Kalamazoo is a youth ballet company in Downtown Kalamazoo, in southwest Michigan.  Our mission at Ballet Kalamazoo is to focus on teaching a high standard of classical ballet technique while creating a positive and healthy learning atmosphere.  

Ballet Kalamazoo offers children's ballet classes beginning at age 3 and a pre-professional training program for the more serious dancer through our Ballet Conservatory. 

Our highly trained instructors are invested in the success of each dancer. Through our love for the art form, experience, and knowledge, Ballet Kalamazoo continues the enduring tradition of Classical Ballet.


Our goal is to honor and teach Classical Ballet while we collectively innovate to be more accessible and inclusive.

Ballet Kalamazoo dancers gain so much more than ballet technique!  Ballet Kalamazoo dancers are trained to be artists through goal-setting, dedication, and support of each dancer's dreams.


Together, we drive our students to discover they are capable of anything they set their hearts on in pursuing personal and artistic excellence. 

Join us on our journey to become

the next generation of ballet dancers!

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Ballet for Kids at Ballet Kalamazoo

Sign up today for a free trial class!


ballet for kids kalamazoo

Ballet Classes

Classical ballet Lessons for 

ages 3-9yrs

Ballet Kalamazoo Conservatory Dancers

Conservatory Ballet Training

Pre-Professional Training Program

ages 10-17yrs.

By audition only

Kalamazoo Youth Ballet Company

Kalamazoo Youth Ballet

Ballet Kalamazoo's performance company for dancers ages 10-17.

By audition only

Nutcracker Kalamazoo Ballet Performances

Ballet Performances

From The Nutcracker, Fairytale Ballets and the Ballet Classics

YAGP Ballet Training in Kalamazoo

Youth America Grand Prix Training

Train to experience dancing in the prestigious ballet competition

WMU Dance Department Student

Emerging Artist Mentorship Program

Apprentice Instructor Program and a platform to choreograph new works ages 18+

Private Ballet Dance Lessons

Private Lessons

Take your ballet training to the next level through focused, customized one-on-one lessons

Summer Intensive Kalamazoo

Summer Program

Fairytale Ballet Camps,

3 week Ballet Classes, and Summer Intensives



Photo by Maria Newhouse Photography, from Nutcracker Kalamazoo 2022

More than Ballet


I am a dancer. You may think you know me. You may think it is easy.


You may think that I am a pink tutu, sparkly tiara, pink tights, and pointe shoes.


You might think that I am frail like a flower. I am not. I am strong. I am driven. I am in pursuit of my dreams. 


I am a dancer. You can be one too. 

It takes more than just grace to become an artist. The path to artistry takes courage and resolve. The artistic journey requires strength of character, focus, and GRIT. Every plié, tendu, and pirouette pushes dancers to discover their unique gifts as they explore what they CAN accomplish.

Classic Ballet training prepares for success in anything your little dancers dream of doing.  At Ballet Kalamazoo, our dancers pursue excellence individually and as part of a team. From their first steps onstage to a triumphant curtain call, we encourage our dancers to achieve their personal best by learning from others.

Explore the possibilities by enrolling today in Classical Ballet training at Ballet Kalamazoo!

Enroll today to discover your dreams and dance! 


Join us for our 2024 Season of Dance!


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We love to see your special moments whether its in the audience at a performance or at the studios.





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"Our oldest daughter began dancing with Amy Russell four years ago. I was looking for a studio that would teach technique in an age appropriate way without filling most of the class with games that did not support the training. Now, all three of my daughters (ages 8, 6, and 4) learn from Amy and I could not be more pleased with the training they receive. Amy treats each dancer, three years old through her oldest students, as full-of-potential ballerinas. Her classes are fun, but each activity is chosen wisely and supports the student in learning proper technique.

Above and beyond the excellent content and teaching, Amy sets a tone with her students to be encouragers of others, to support their fellow dancers, and to grow their hearts. I feel so grateful for my daughters to have her as a role model in their lives.

Ballet Kalamazoo events and productions are flawlessly tasteful and creative.  The recital format of performing a ballet as a company allows each dancer to shine and learn to contribute to a greater goal.

My daughters are all so different, and Amy (and the teachers she hires), brings out the best in each of them. I love that she has grown the company so that there are options for dancers who wish to be more serious and engage in more training, but that each dancer is so valued for the individual goals he or she has.  Each year, Ballet Kalamazoo grows in such positive directions and I am always excited to see what’s next!"


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