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Welcome Friends

Ballet Kalamazoo is a youth ballet company in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan. Ballet Kalamazoo focuses on teaching a high standard of classical ballet technique.

Together, we create a positive, fun and healthy atmosphere to learn dance. Ballet Kalamazoo's goal is to mentor young people of all ages to be beautiful dancers who are grounded with solid values and personal integrity.

Through our commitment to family-friendly programming, age appropriate costumes, and music, we provide an environment that will inspire and empower, leading to the consistent achievement of goals. 


Even the dream of dancing professionally is within your dancer’s reach!


After just a few classes, you will discover Ballet Kalamazoo truly delivers on our commitment to help our students discover their individual talents, propelling them forward to reach their fullest potential.

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Our Fall 2020 Semester begins September 14th and runs thru November 21st.

Please note: Ballet Kalamazoo will begin our Fifth Season virtually. 

Dance for EVERYONE

As our dancers continue to grow and their goals crystallize,  it is even more important we set them up for success. Professional companies and college programs ask the dancers to be extremely versatile with the ability to adapt to any choreographer and style.  To pave the way to success, we are proud to add some exciting new classes and styles to our schedule this season. Wherever Ballet Kalamazoo dancers’ paths lead, we are proud to be a part of their journeys!​

We are pleased to offer Contemporary Ballet, Jazz, Turns and Leaps, Centre Pointe, Adage & Turns En Pointe 

and two new classes for adults: Adult Ballet and Gyrokinesis.


Dear Ballet Kalamazoo Families,


We miss seeing you in the studios so much!

Ballet Kalamazoo is doing everything we can to safeguard your child’s well-being during this ongoing global

health crisis.  Ballet Kalamazoo follows the Kalamazoo Public School’s schedule, and we are making the decision to also remain virtual for our fall semester. We will reassess moving to our hybrid model of learning as we approach November. 

Many of our dancers participated in our Virtual Ballet Kalamazoo Program for our Spring and Summer Semester. While dancing virtually presented new challenges and a new way of training, we were all able to quickly adapt and we enjoyed the ability to remain connected and doing what we love together. Since then, our team has created an amazing curriculum and we know it won't be long before our bodies remember how to leap!

We will dance. We will grow. We will be challenged.

And when that brilliant, beautiful day comes when we enter the studio and take our place at the barre, it will feel like home.


We are so excited to see you and know that we are dancing safely this fall!

For our 5th Season:

  • We will be limiting class sizes to 8 dancers.​

* This will enable our teachers to provide high quality, personalized training.  

When we move to our Hybrid Model:

  • To ensure that every dancer has an opportunity to train in-studio safely, we will alternate classes between in studio and virtual. 

* For dancers who prefer to train from their homes, there will always be virtual classes available. 

I welcome your ideas to ensure Ballet Kalamazoo’s dancers rise to face the new reality brought about by this unprecedented, challenging time. 

Best wishes for a great Fifth Season with Ballet Kalamazoo!

Thank you for your partnership and support of Ballet Kalamazoo.

All my best,

Amy Russell

Please Email Amy at with any questions.

Please join us for our next Fairytale Ballet!​

May 15th & 16th, 2021 | Comstock Community Auditorium

Experience the beauty of ballet and the power of a great story. Through our art, Ballet Kalamazoo will lead your dancer on a journey through some of our most beloved stories.

But not the tired old stories you’ve seen over and over! 


How do we do it?  Ballet Kalamazoo takes a classic tale and performs it with our own unique twist. It’s a wonderful collaboration as we listen to our dancers’ perspectives and truly see the story through their eyes. 


The result? Ballet Kalamazoo’s performances are a shared vision full of heart and connection.  Working as a team, we create performances that are modern and infinitely more magical. 


Don't walk, DANCE through this year! 

Diversity en pointe

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Hello Beautiful. We see you.


Diversity En Pointe is a scholarship program to support young, aspiring dancers to transform their passion for dance into a REALITY. Through Diversity En Pointe, our goal is to create opportunity and accessibility to reach dancers that might not believe that dance classes are an option for them and their families.
All children should be empowered to follow their dreams, wherever those dreams take them. Diversity in dance makes our Arts community more beautiful, balanced and a true representation of our vibrant world. Let’s work together to make our world better and give children of all backgrounds equal footing in the wonderful world of dance!
Dance is for everyone and Diversity En Pointe makes that a reality.

Join us for a master class

in collaboration with Ballet 5:8.

100% of the ticket fees will be donated to create our first Diversity En Pointe Scholarships.

Date: September 26th from 1:00-3:30pm

Junior Division - ages 8-11yrs
1:00pm-2:30pm Ballet Technique
2:30pm-3:30pm Ballet 5:8 Repertory

Senior Division - ages 12-22yrs
1:00pm-2:30pm Ballet Technique
2:30am-3:30pm Pointe and Variations

Cost per student $25.00
Cost for dancers of The Dancer Collective is $10.00

Dance training for the more serious student


The Ballet Kalamazoo Conservatory provides the opportunity for the more serious and committed dancer ages 8+ to study classical ballet.


The Ballet Conservatory is designed to guide the dedicated student in achieving their goals as a ballet dancer.

With added class offerings and our new multi-class pricing joining the Ballet Kalamazoo Conservatory allows you to take studying ballet from a hobby to living your passion.

Get to know us!

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"Our oldest daughter began dancing with Amy Russell four years ago. I was looking for a studio that would teach technique in an age appropriate way without filling most of the class with games that did not support the training. Now, all three of my daughters (ages 8, 6, and 4) learn from Amy and I could not be more pleased with the training they receive. Amy treats each dancer, three years old through her oldest students, as full-of-potential ballerinas. Her classes are fun, but each activity is chosen wisely and supports the student in learning proper technique.

Above and beyond the excellent content and teaching, Amy sets a tone with her students to be encouragers of others, to support their fellow dancers, and to grow their hearts. I feel so grateful for my daughters to have her as a role model in their lives.

Ballet Kalamazoo events and productions are flawlessly tasteful and creative.  The recital format of performing a ballet as a company allows each dancer to shine and learn to contribute to a greater goal.

My daughters are all so different, and Amy (and the teachers she hires), brings out the best in each of them. I love that she has grown the company so that there are options for dancers who wish to be more serious and engage in more training, but that each dancer is so valued for the individual goals he or she has.  Each year, Ballet Kalamazoo grows in such positive directions and I am always excited to see what’s next!"



169 Portage Street

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Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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