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The Ballet Kalamazoo dance curriculum will enrich, empower and inspire our dancers and the Kalamazoo community by delivering the highest standards of dance training and foster diversity and inclusion by welcoming families from all backgrounds, races, religions, and economic statuses.



  • Uphold and preserve the rich tradition of Classical Ballet

  • Pave a new way to learn dance in Kalamazoo through our drive to innovate and our over-arching goal of opportunity for all

  • Train and mentor students to be versatile, skilled dancers in their technique and artistry through a wide range of learning opportunities


  • Support emerging artists through our mentorship program in dance instruction and a platform to present their choreography


  • Create a positive, healthy, and supportive learning environment


  • Set students and emerging artists on a path of success towards a professional career whether it may be in dance or in another field


  • Teach students core values of love, kindness, respect, strength, confidence, discipline, perseverance, teamwork, and achievement of goals


  • Build friendships to instill the importance of helping others

  • Through Diversity On Pointe Scholarships, create opportunity and accessibility to reach dancers that might not believe that dance classes are an option for them and their families.


  • Commit to family-friendly, age-appropriate programming, music, and costumes



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