About Ballet Kalamazoo


The Ballet Kalamazoo dance curriculum will enrich, empower and inspire our dancers and the Kalamazoo community by delivering the highest standards of dance training and family friendly programming.



  • Train and mentor students to be skilled dancers in their technique and artistry


  • Uphold and preserve the rich tradition of Classical Ballet while staying up to date with current dance trends


  • Create a positive, healthy and fun learning environment


  • Set students on a path of success towards a professional career whether it may be in dance or in another field


  • Teach students core values of love, kindness, respect, strength, confidence, teamwork and discipline


  • Build friendships to instill the importance of helping others


  • Commit to family friendly, age appropriate programming, music and costumes




Ballet Kalamazoo has a gossip-free policy and a zero tolerance bullying policy.

Gossip-free means that you do not talk about another dancer or their dancing inside or outside of the studio unless it is giving a compliment and supporting them. You represent Ballet Kalamazoo in our community, and it is important that we are setting a wonderful example for our younger dancers to look up to. This is in addition to our zero tolerance of bullying at Ballet Kalamazoo.

Dancers who gossip or bully will be immediately dismissed from Ballet Kalamazoo.


As a dancer at Ballet Kalamazoo,


I will NOT:

  • Talk about another dancer inside or outside of the studio unless it is positive, supportive and complimentary

  • Take photos or video of a dancer without their consent or knowledge

  • Create a negative dance environment by having a negative attitude

  • Give another dancer corrections

  • Bully or treat other dancers and teachers disrespectfully

  • Have a “diva” attitude

  • Miss class or rehearsal without permission



  • Be positive, kind and supportive

  • Set a good example for younger dancers to aspire to

  • Lead a healthy lifestyle

  • Be friendly and encouraging to others

  • Know my choreography and practice at home

  • Work as a team and be a reliable teammate

  • Be enthusiastic and motivated

  • Be respectful to others and the studio space

  • Set and achieve personal and company goals



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