Summer Intensive

Thank you for joining us for Virtual Summer Intensive 2020!

Our week was filled with knowledge, tips, special stories and inspiration from some of the best dancers and instructors in the country. 

Our Special Guest Artists for our Virtual Summer Intensive 2020 included: Sarah Lane, Skylar Brandt, Krista King-Doherty, Juliet Doherty, Lara Faucher, Cortney Blair, Eun-Kyung Chung and Seyong Kim.

Be sure to follow us to experience our virtual program and continue learning with our upcoming Master Class Series.

Our first class is July 8th at 10:00am

with Lara Faucher with Grand Rapids Ballet.

What if someone said you could live your passion every day for one magical week?

Would you do it?

Picture yourself growing stronger, more confident, and your heart overflowing with happiness doing what you love all day long. How would it feel to discover what you are capable of achieving? Imagine incredible teachers coming together virtually to work with you each day to build your technique while focusing on bringing out the best in you. 

Think of how you would feel at the end of the week. The memories, the experiences, the knowledge and lifetime friendships that were grown and made. Picture how good you will feel, and the excitement to launch the next season of dance. 

Join us for a very special week of virtual dance training! Be a part of first-class training right from your home, wherever you are in the world.

Make your dream more than a wish by exploring your potential at our premier Dancer Intensive. 

All dancers are welcome! Return to your home studio ignited and refueled!


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