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March 28, 2017


We are just a few months away from our original ballet performance of Snow White! It has been so much fun creating this ballet and amazing to see our story come to life. 


I have been so impressed with each dancer. They bring such creative ideas to make this process so special and collaborative. It is important to me as a teacher to empower my students and to involve them in creating the movement to tell the story. It is great for me to come to class with a vision and to hear these talented young dancer’s ideas. Often their ideas are so much better than mine, and the best part is building on their perspective. It makes the ballet relatable, cohesive. Ballet Kalamazoo’s production of Snow White is truly a team effort and, naturally, this month’s core value is Teamwork.


For everyone at Ballet Kalamazoo, the creative process is engaging and fun. This is how art is made. I am proud to share my love of the arts with my students and to inspire them. Art is universal and to have an appreciation for the arts is a wisdom not everyone embraces. Kalamazoo is a unique community that showcases the arts. It is a beautiful, vibrant arts scene. The value Kalamazoo gives to local artists is what one might find in a bigger city, and we are so lucky to be a part of it. 


As we get closer to the performance, we begin to fine tune the dances, and the ability to dance in unity is an important skill to master. Through teamwork, we build a shared awareness and can sense each other through trust, timing and focus. Teamwork comes from binding together our individual strengths into one, powerful, force. We work as a team towards a common goal and only achieve success by arriving at our goal together. Teamwork gives you strength, confidence, and the understanding that you always have someone on your side.  


Our very silly, smart and beautiful Level One dancers talking about teamwork and what it means to work as a team. You can catch these amazing girls playing the Seven Dwarfs in our upcoming performance of Snow White!



In class, we must learn to dance in a circle. It seems like this would be a simple task, but it is actually quite challenging. We start learning this in our Pre-Primary Ballet, ages 3-4, by holding hands and gliding around in a circle. This is when begin to understand the importance of working as a team. Together we need to maintain the shape of the circle as we dance.


If one person lets go; the circle breaks. If one person is pulling too hard; it pulls everyone off center. If one person stops; we must all stop. It is when we are all working together and balancing all these variables that the circle takes shape, and we are all dancing as one. 


Our Pre-Primary Ballet dancers practicing working as a team!


Through teamwork, the most amazing part of Snow White is how each individual dancer and class comes together to create this beautiful performance. Like a puzzle, all the pieces fit together to make one whole work of art.  From the littlest Blue Bird to the Evil Queen, we all have parts to play in the story. We are all important.  We all work towards the same goal. We are a team. We are a part of our community.


We are Ballet Kalamazoo. 


Alone, we are one dancer but together, we create the ballet!






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