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January 18, 2017


The bond formed through ballet is unbreakable. One of the best feelings in the world is to dance across the stage in sync with your best friend. You know each other’s movements instinctively. Side-by-side, you dance with all your heart to beautiful music, and your mutual devotion to one of the most challenging art forms creates MAGIC.  Ballet: only dancers can understand these feelings, and that is what makes these friendships so special and enduring. 


I remember starting at a new dance studio when I was 12 years old. I was terrified. I told my mom in the car that I was quitting ballet and begged her to not make me go inside. She convinced me to try one class. I’ll never forget walking down the hall filled with ballerinas. Everyone was talking to their friends while getting ready for class. Only one girl looked up at me and smiled as I walked by. I was so scared and felt alone. 


I mustered up enough courage to go inside and meet the ballet instructor. She eased my mind and introduced me to a beautiful dancer. She asked her to take me under her wing.  That is exactly what she did. I looked to her for guidance in class and slowly built friendships with the other dancers. That moment in my ballet experience was a special one. I will always hold those dancers near to my heart because we lived deeply and shared the gift of dancing together. My life is forever shaped by those ballerinas, and our friendships continue into adulthood. 


At Ballet Kalamazoo, you will not find just one smiling dancer. You will find all of us welcoming you to our friendly studio.  Drawing from my experiences, I want to teach my dancers the beauty of dancing together as friends and as a team. First-time dancers taking a class at Ballet Kalamazoo will feel welcomed from the moment they walk in the door. My goal is to quickly replace nervousness with excitement for the possibilities of what is to come! 


Ballet Kalamazoo is more than a place to take classical ballet. Our More Than Ballet campaign will feature a new core value each month to share what makes Ballet Kalamazoo a special place to dance. 

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It is not too late to join us for our Winter Semester! If you would like to join Ballet Kalamazoo, please call me at 269-267-6681 or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!


All my best,

Amy Russell


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